Volume 25 Issue 100
Thursday 29th August 2019

Dates to remember

Friday 30th August
Father's Day Breakfast & Liturgy
P&F Father's Day Stall

Monday & Tuesday 9th & 10th September
Life Education Van

Friday 13th of September

School closure

Wednesday 18th of September
Art Show

Friday 20th September
Year 6 Public Speaking Competition

Friday 27th September
Last day of Term 3

Father's Day prayer Wk6
Dear Families and Friends,
Tomorrow we invite fathers, stepfathers, uncles and father figures to join us so we can spoil you, even if it is only for a short time, with breakfast. Following breakfast our Room 2 will lead us in a liturgy to thank our fathers and father figures.
Please also keep in mind to send your child into school with some money to buy something special for Dad at the Father's Day stall.

Australian Red Cross is visiting our school today to deliver the Pillowcase Project to our Year 3 and 4 students. The Pillowcase Project is a school based disaster preparedness education program designed to build children’s knowledge and capacity in disaster preparedness. Sponsored by Disney, the program is part of an international pilot currently taking place in five other countries.
From experience, Australian Red Cross knows that teaching children how to prepare for emergencies can help keep their families and communities safe. This project is part of a broader commitment by Red Cross’ Emergency Services to educate the community on disaster preparedness.
In addition to the 60 minute presentation, run free of charge, students will receive a pillowcase to take home and create their own personal emergency kit.
To learn more about disaster preparedness and Red Cross work in Emergency Services, visit

This week we were very excited, the children and staff in the ELC in particular, with the completion of the softfall upgrade area. It looks fantastic, with even some of our Year 6 students asking if they could be sent back to preschool to enjoy the fun.

Thank you to families who have returned their Intentions for 2020 forms. Please let us know as soon as possible of your intentions for next year so staffing and budgets can be confirmed. If you know of families that are looking to join us at St Francis of Assisi; enrolment information is available through the office and our school website. Enrolment interviews for our Transition classes are already underway and we look forward to welcoming new families to our school community.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at breakfast tomorrow morning.

Grow in Wisdom and Love


Melanie Bolwell
APRE Week 6
29Aug19 - Colouring in
Week 6
Father's Day Reminder
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