Volume 25 Issue 105
Thursday 17th October 2019

Dates to remember

Friday 25th October

World Teacher's Day

Friday 1st November

All Saints Day Assembly

Week 4

Mission Week

Monday 11th November

Remembrance Day Service @ 8am

Wednesday 13th November

Lego League Qualifier

20th & 21st November

2020 Transition Orientation

Saturday 23rd November

Rural Community Carols

26th & 27th November

Year 5 Leadership

Prayer week 1 take two
Dear families and friends,
We welcome you back to school after a wonderful holiday. There are many exciting events and activities planned for this term, so please ensure you have a look at our term calendar.

This week we welcome back to the school team Miss Jess. Miss Jess will be assisting in Room 11 as the class’s Inclusion Support Assistant while Miss Leanne takes on the role of teaching the Arts and PE for the school. Miss Jess will continue to work as our OSHC Coordinator.
We also welcome Yi-Yuan Chow to the school. Yi-Yuan has joined Room 1 and has begun to make many new friends.

Miss Leanne has already been very proactive gaining support in implementing our PE program and we would like to acknowledge and thank the contribution of NT Hockey to our school. They have provided a number of resources for us to use throughout the term.

As many of you are aware, we have changed the eating and play times at recess and lunch. There is a lot of documentation and research to support this decision, including initial feedback from the students who generally like being able to play before eating. This routine will be trailed for the term and we welcome families’ thoughts and feedback over the coming weeks in regards to this change.

Families who are still wanting to order a DVD or memory stick of our “We Are One"concert are invited to do so. Please contact the school office if your family would like one.

Here at St Francis we agree with Larochette, “Before we can teach a kid how to academically excel in school, we need to teach them how to have stillness, pay attention, stay on task, regulate and make good choices.” Therefore we have introduced a curriculum based program called Mind-Up. Mind-Up empowers children through mindful practice based in neuroscience, fosters children’s well-being and increases teaching time, focus and attention while decreasing inappropriate behaviour and choices. For more information and resources for families please follow the link.
The Woolworths Discovery garden program is continuing to excite our students especially those who are in the Gardening Club. Families who may not be collecting these pots are encouraged to send them into school for the 2020 Gardening Club.

We look forward to working in partnership with families again this term.
Grow in wisdom and love


Melanie Bolwell
APRE Week 1
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