Volume 28 Issue 94
Thursday 2nd June 2022

Term 2


8th June

School Dress Up

Disco Day

Monday 13th June

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Week 10

NAIDOC Week Activities

Friday 24th June

Last day of Term


Dear families,

Our Year 4-6 students participated in the Suns Cup Football competition this week. I had a great time training with the team in the lead up to the event. They impressed me with their have a go attitude and with how they all supported one another to develop their skills. I thank Mrs Allison and Mrs Wilson for supporting the team on game day. I know they had a fabulous day watching the team as they said the players, Smiled, laughed, listened, played hard, played fair and had FUN.”

We have a dress up and disco day at school next Wednesday 8th June. Please recycle items from home to create fabulous disco outfits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, favourite pop star or your child may want to wear their favourite dress up costume. There will be no canteen on this day as we have our disco lunch. Please return the note to school on Monday with the disco lunch pre- order or disco entry.

Our transition- Year 6 students now have Mr Michael Anderson taking them for sport each week. The students have been hurdling, running, throwing and working on their team skills. They have also been having fun working on their dance skills and mindfit activities with Ms Ryoko Jones. It is wonderful to see the smiles and hear the laughter as the students get active.

There has been a lot of fun here at school this week. I hope the weekend is fabulous for everyone.


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