Volume 29 Issue 126
Thursday 6th April 2023

“We proclaim the resurrection of Christ when his light illuminates the dark moments of our existence, and we are able to share it with others.”

– Pope Francis

Term 1 has come to an end! It has been great and I thank everyone in the St Francis school community for this. All of the students have displayed our school values both in the classroom and on the playground. Our school is always full of laughter and smiles and everyone is so inclusive.

The Director of Catholic Education, Paul Greaves, came to visit all of our classes this week. He was very impressed by our staff and students and the learning that he saw taking place. He noted that it was great that our students could articulate their understandings and the strategies they use. We look forward to a visit from Mr Greaves again in the near future.

We concluded our term with our Holy Week Liturgy led by Father Rodrigo and our student leaders. It was a time to remember the story of Jesus’ suffering and death, as we prepare for Good Friday. We remembered Jesus’ story and opened our hearts to receive the comfort and healing strength of his love for us. During this time of Lent, we have been asked to use our hands, our hearts and our voices to turn back to God.

The Easter Bunny visited our school, and we had a great time on our Easter egg hunt. Our whole school sports afternoons are a hit with all the classes, and we will continue those in Term 2. Thank you to our school leaders for their efforts.

We farewell Jan McCarthy at the end of this term. We are so thankful to have had Jan lead at our school and she will be missed by the school community. Her knowledge of the curriculum and STEM skills has built capacity amongst our staff and this has greatly benefited our students. Jan’s sense of humour, understanding, great work ethic and generous heart will be missed. We thank Jan for her many contributions to our school community and wish her all the best.

We farewell Janine Roach from the Year 5/4 classroom at the end of this term. We thank her for her service and wish her well. Janine has assisted the students to foster a positive attitude towards learning and with her encouragement, explicit teaching and understanding the students have had a great term. We welcome Miss Nitika as the Year 5/4 teacher for the remainder of the year. She is passionate about mathematics and science, and we welcome her to our school community.

I will be away on the first week of Term 2. Mr Peter Baldry from the Catholic Education Office will be leading our school with our staff.

Blessings for a safe and happy holiday.

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