Volume 29 Issue 136
Thursday 22nd June 2023

Hello families,

Term 2 has come to an end and we celebrated with a beautiful NAIDOC Liturgy hosted by our Year 6 student leaders. I was impressed with both the reverence and respect shown by them and the confident clear voices they used to read.

The students have listened to many stories, created and shared their own stories, displayed their artistic skills and developed their understanding of diversity, culture and our natural world. We thank Bunnings for coming and assisting our students to create artistic masterpieces exploring sand art.

We would like to thank Mrs Barbara Chisholm and Mr Scott Chisholm for sharing their wealth of knowledge and experiences with our Year 4-6 students. We appreciate the time they gave, our students were engaged and had a wonderful time. They have shared below their thoughts.

We thank Mrs Terry Casey for her wonderful efforts this term in all of our classes. We hope to see her in our classes in the future.

We congratulate Zac and Tobias for their efforts on the weekend in their basketball grand final. They both train very hard and are often seen practising their skills at school during playtime. They were very excited and proud of their win.

I say farewell to the wonderful St Francis school community. It has been a privilege to work with and support our wonderful students, staff, and our supportive families. It has been so rewarding to see the growth and development of our future leaders in my time at St Francis. To see their smiles each day, take part in classroom life and build relationships each day on the playground brought me so much joy. Our student body are enthusiastic, caring and do their best to display our school values of being courageous, respectful and just.
St Francis is a great school and I know that our passionate and dedicated staff will continue to nurture the students alongside our new Principal, Mr Chris McAloon. I will cherish the memories of my time here and I wish you all the very best.

The last day of term is Friday and we invite all students to wear FREE DRESS!

Jen Rudyard

Last day of term. Friday 23 June
Semester break Monday 26 June – Friday 14 July
Term 3 begins Tuesday 18 July – First day for students.

Thank you to Barbara Chisholm and Scott Chisholm

My favourite part was when I got to throw the boomerang. Aiden
My favourite part was when he was banging the drum and we could feel the vibration. Addi
My favourite part was when she spoke about the stolen generation story. Alyra
My favourite part was when he talked to us about when the eagle gave him the fish. Charlie
My favourite part was the stolen generation and the thunderstorms. Pipes
I really liked everything about it, but my favourite was the music part 😊. Scarlett
I liked hearing the stolen generation story. I was surprised why they did that. Angus
I liked when they told us the story about yidaki, and the bird came. Emily
I liked the part when they did the yidaki and the sticks. Walter
Thanks for teaching the culture to us. Baxter
Thank you for teaching us about your family HISTORY. Joseph
I liked when Scott told the story of when the bird swooped down and caught a fish for him. Sariah
My favourite part was when we were on the oval and I was trying to catch a boomerang. Jimmy
I liked it when Scott told a story about him playing the digeridoo. Jason
My favourite part was when he did a show and tell about his thunder stones and how to throw a boomerang. Indi
My favourite part was when the lady talked about the stolen generation and how she experienced it and past the history on. Alice

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