Volume 27 Issue 57
Thursday 10th June 2021

Term 2

Monday 14th June

Queen's Birthday Holiday

Friday 18th June

Sports Day

Friday 25th June

Last day of Term 2

Tuesday 20th July

Students return for Term 3

Week 8 Prayer
Dear Families and Friends,
This week we welcome Alexis Davies and her family to our school. Alexis has joined Room 11 and has already begun to make some lovely friendships.

During the past few weeks, teachers have been working indefatigably collecting evidence and preparing student reports. Schools are required to provide a report to families using an equivalent 5 point scale. Below is the 5 point scale used at St Francis:
1. Evidence of learning demonstrates outstanding achievement at this year level
2. Evidence of learning demonstrates high achievement at this year level
3. Evidence of learning demonstrates sound achievement at this year level
4. Evidence of learning demonstrates limited achievement at this year level
5. Evidence of learning demonstrates very limited achievement at this year level
Reports will be sent home to families on Wednesday of week 10. Please take the time to sit with your child and read about their individual learning journeys. Discuss the challenges and celebrate their successes.

As the weather becomes a little cooler, this is a gentle reminder to families that we do have a school jacket available for the students to wear. The jacket is part of our school uniform which according to our school uniform policy is expected to be worn when needed. The wearing of our school uniform reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community, and assists in developing pride in representing our school.

Next week we will be hosting our annual Sports Day. The children have been working very hard in their sports lessons developing their running, long jump, hurdle and other skills ready for a day of athletic prowess. Please ensure you have your lunch orders to the school before Wednesday next week. We are looking forward to having family and friends spend the day with us.

Enjoy your long weekend and hope that you are in the position to take full advantage of what the Territory has to offer.
Grow in Wisdom and Love.


Melanie Bolwell

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Week 8
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