Volume 27 Issue 61
Thursday 29th July 2021

Term 3

Monday 2nd August

Picnic Day

Public Holiday

Friday 6th August

We Are One Concert

10th & 11th August

Conversations for Learning

Friday 27th August

Book Character Parade

Movie Night

Friday 3rd September

Father's Day Breakfast, Liturgy & Stall

week 2 pptx patience. pptx
Dear Families and Friends,
This week we send our love and congratulations to the Bunting family who welcomed Mara to the family. Her very proud older brothers and sister here at the school tell us that both Mum and Mara are doing very well. We look forward to meeting her soon.

Last week families enjoyed a long weekend and some of us were even brave enough to go to the Royal Darwin Show.
Congratulations to Lucy who entered a number of entries in craft, cooking and horse events and from the photos we can see did very well for her efforts.
We would love to share and celebrate the success of others, so come and see us in the office.
Our 'Conversations for Learning' are only two weeks away. These conversations with families, children and teachers are an opportunity to identify specific learning goals for your children for the remainder of the year.
The SOBs website is now open to families to book their child’s ‘Conversations for Learning’.
Parents will need to use this URL to make bookings:
Please let your child's teacher know if you are unable to book your interview.

The finishing touches to our biannual concert, 'We Are One', are underway and the concert is planned to go ahead next Friday. The children have been practising their dances, learning their songs and getting their costumes ready. Please ensure you spread the news and invite family and friends for a very entertaining night under the stars.
We will also have food and other delicious goodies on sale before the concert. So why not take the night off cooking and make the most of this community event.
Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Grow in Wisdom and Love.


Melanie Bolwell
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