Volume 27 Issue 68
Thursday 23rd September 2021

Term 3

Friday 24th September

St Francis of Assisi Feast Day Mass & Celebrations

Last day of Term 3

Sunday 26th September

Fundraiser BBQ at Berry Springs Markets


Students return Monday 11th October for Term 4

st francis prayer newsletter week 10
Dear Families and Friends,
Our newsletter this week celebrates the end of Term 3. We have enjoyed a very successful term learning together with some very memorable events such as our unforgettable evening together under the stars for the We Are One concert. We also shared learning goals for the students at the Conversations for Learning, enjoyed dressing up at the Book Character Parade and celebrating Father's Day at breakfast with a very entertaining Father's Day assembly.
Last Friday St Francis of Assisi hosted the annual Combined Catholic School Public Speaking Competition. We enjoyed having the Year 6 students join us from the other six urban Catholic Primary Schools. A representative from each school presented a two minute prepared speech on the topic 'Water – how is our growing population affecting our water supply and what can we do to improve it?'. Seven Year Six students representing their schools then presented a one minute impromptu speech on an unknown topic. We thank our judges for the event; Khalehla Cartwright and Idelle Bolwell (Year 12 students from MacKillop Catholic College), Annalea McCurry from the Catholic Education Office and Maree Bredhauer.
Roy Jansan was our representative for St Francis. He spoke with expression and confidence and represented himself and the school proudly.
All the representatives spoke very well and made predicting the outcome of who would be the overall winner very challenging.
We congratulate Diya from St Paul's who was judged to be the winner for the day.
The day continued with a variety of sporting activities enjoyed by all the students. We are very grateful to the Principal of O'Loughlin College, Rhett Bowden and the APRE Matthew Bourke who promptly answered our SOS call out and sent representatives from the college to assist us in running the sporting activities. Thank you to Bree, Nick and Jack we very much appreciated your support.
Gregory bub
Congratulations to Gregory who became a big brother last week. The family welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world. We are very pleased to hear both James and Mum are doing really well and are very much looking forward to meeting him here at school and hope it will be soon.
This week we welcomed to our school community from Mackillop Catholic College former students Charlotte Scott and Tarniyah Lee to complete their Year 10 work experience. We also welcomed Annelyse Parkanyi from Taminmin who is completing her Certificate 11 in Community Services.
We hope they have enjoyed their time at St Francis.

We are very sad to announce that Tracy Lindquist our Religious Education Coordinator and PE/Arts teacher will be leaving us at the end of the year. Tracy has been a real asset to the team with her generous and gentle nature. Tracy has very much enjoyed her time here at St Francis and in the Northern Territory but her husband who is in the defence force is being sent to NSW. As her position is a Catholic Education Office appointed position, it will be advertised and appointed through the office. We will formally farewell Tracy next term.

Our 2022 enrolment interviews are currently being held. Please contact the office on 8988 1212 to book your interview. Our Transition Orientation mornings will be held on Wednesday the 24th and Thursday the 25th of November. Please let extended family and friends know.

Tomorrow, we will be celebrating St Francis of Assisi Feast Day. We will start the day at 9:00am with a Mass, Bishop Charles and Father Giovanni will be joining us. It would be wonderful to have family and friends come along for this special event.

On Saturday we are fundraising at the Berry Springs Markets, running the BBQ. We have asked families to support us with either their time or the donations of sausages, eggs, bacon, bread or drinks for this event. The monies raised will go towards the renovation of the playground. Please let the office know ASAP on 89881212 how you can support this P&F fundraising event.

Thank you for your ongoing support this term and we look forward to working with you all again next term. We hope that you all enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

See you next term.
Grow in Wisdom and Love.


Melanie Bolwell
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