Volume 27 Issue 71
Thursday 28th October 2021

Term 4

Friday 29th October

World Teachers Day

Monday 1st November

All Saints Day Liturgy at 11.10am

Tuesday 2nd November

All Souls Day Liturgy at 11.10am

Thursday 11th November

Remembrance Day Service at 11am

Week 3 Prayer all saints
Dear Families and Friends,
This week we shared with the families of Room 11 the exciting news that Mrs Dando and her family are expecting another baby. The baby is due in 2022 and Mrs Dando will begin her maternity leave next year at some point in term 1. I know that you will all join us in congratulating Mrs Dando and her family and wishing them all the best in the coming months and in the welcoming of the newest member to their family.

Tomorrow we celebrate ‘World Teachers’ Day’. Please join us at the Friday morning assembly to celebrate the wonderful work the staff at St Francis do every day to help our future leaders grow and learn. We thank the generosity of our Board members for providing lunch for us to enjoy.
Hot100FM radio has launched their "Apple for the Teacher" recognition programme for 2021.
It would be great if you want to get amongst this.
Nominations are only open until tomorrow, and then voting will take place over the next two weeks.
This is an excellent opportunity to recognise some of the fantastic work many of our teachers do. The nomination link is here:

St Francis of Assisi implements MindUP throughout the school. MindUP is an evidence-based social and emotional learning program grounded in neuroscience. The MindUP curriculum builds awareness and skills to increase prosocial behaviour, executive functioning and social and emotional competence in children and young people from ages 3 to 14. We know that working in partnership with families only enhances what can be achieved with your children. Therefore we invite families to a zoom meeting next Tuesday morning the 2nd of November from 8:30 for only one hour. Click onto to join the meeting.
During the week I thoroughly enjoyed working with members from the gardening club , baking banana bread and making banana milkshakes with the bananas that we grew from our school garden.
It was a delicious treat for us all.
Our 2022 enrolment interviews are currently being held. Please contact the office on
8988 1212 to book your interview. Our Transition Orientation mornings will be held on Wednesday the 24th and Thursday the 25th of November. Please let extended family and friends know.

Grow in Wisdom and Love.


Melanie Bolwell
Enrol now 2022
Week 3 APRE
Week 3
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