Volume 26 Issue 12
Thursday 7th May 2020

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Friday 8th May

Mother's Day Stall

Monday 8th June

Queen's Birthday

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Friday 12th June

Sports Day

Friday 26th June

Last day of Term 2

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Dear Families and Friends,

As we all know, teachers change the lives of millions of children every day -their immense work and impact often leaves me speechless.
This week we celebrated Teachers Appreciation Week. I thank those who brought it to our attention and helped me acknowledge the work of our wonderful teachers at St Francis.

As we prepare to celebrate and honor our Mothers this Sunday, I pause and remember my own theories I had before becoming a mother.
teachers final
Now that I have children I really have only one theory: love them, especially when perhaps they least deserve it.
Here at St Francis we are giving your children the opportunity to spoil Mum with a small gift or two. Dads if you could send your child in with some money, to attend our Mother's Day stall to purchase a gift, so they can express their great love for their mum, auntie,grandmother or special someone in their life.
Last year St Francis was one of 2000 schools to receive a set of books; 'The Grower, The Heartbeat of Australia' and 'The Grower, The Roots of Australia.'
The set of books were proudly donated by John Nicolette to enable Australians to connect with where their food and fibre comes from. As an adolescent, John left home with $200 to his name and carved out a great life for himself in agriculture.
John is walking proof that anything is possible and hopes that, through these books, he can inspire the farmers of tomorrow by highlighting the importance of Australia's agriculture industry and the amazing career opportunities it provides.
We would like to thank John for his very generous gift and to the family or local business who covered the postage for the books. We have really enjoyed sharing them with the children.

Wishing all our Mother's a wonderful day, full of laughter and joy.

Grow in Wisdom and Love.


Melanie Bolwell

Our students modelling our school jackets which are available at the office for $55


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