Volume 27 Issue 41
Thursday 11th February 2021

Term 1

Friday 12th February

Year 6 School Captain Speeches

Tuesday 16th February

Shrove/Pancake Tuesday

Shared Morning Tea

Parent Information Night @ 4pm

Wednesday 17th February

Ash Wednesday Whole School Mass & Blessing of School Captains

week 2 Prayer

Dear Families and Friends,
It truly has been the most marvellous start to the new school year. As I visit classrooms I am so proud to see the children settling very quickly into the routines of school and being leaders of their own learning. Thank you to our families who have supported us in ensuring that everyone is mostly in the correct uniform and representing our school proudly. A gentle reminder to families, as per the school uniform policy, that school shoes need to be all black.

Now that we are all back to school I ask that families please adhere to the speed limit through the school grounds which is 10km. Unfortunately last week someone almost hit me. As our children may not have the same knowledge of road sense or reflexes as myself, we need to ensure that we all drive through the school in a safe manner.

St Francis of Assisi now has the Territory Check In App. We are asking families who will be on school grounds for 15 minutes or longer to please use the app. If you do not want to use the app please sign in at the front office.

Yesterday it was Safer Internet Day. The internet has become an integral part of the digital world for all of us. While the use of technology offers many benefits, there is a downside – negative online experiences, especially for our children. We are constantly working with the children and staff in regards to being safe while online, however working in partnership with families will only ensure this message is heard loud and clear. Please go to to register for online webinars and resources to support parents in cyberbullying and online drama.

The sports voucher is now available to download for your child to participate in a sporting activity. These are available for families whose child is of school-age including preschool. Please go to for more information on the scheme.
wareen snowden gifts
This week we welcomed Warren Snowden to our school. It was lovely to be able to show him around our classrooms and playgrounds and to introduce him to the children and staff.
We also thank him for our gifts, especially the Australian flag, as our older one was starting to show its age.
I am very excited about working with families this year. I pray that we are able to participate in all the events and activities that we have planned. And I thank everyone in advance for working with us.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at our Parent Information Night (PIN) next Tuesday, the 16th of February. This is a fabulous opportunity for parents to informally meet their child/ren's teacher/s. The teachers will be sharing with parents their expectations for the year and explaining how they do things in their class including; curriculum, behavioural expectations, homework requirements, classroom routines and any other planned events.

Grow in Wisdom and Love.


Melanie Bolwell
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