Volume 27 Issue 42
Thursday 18th February 2021

Term 1

Friday 26th February 2021

Sports Captain's Speeches

22nd-24th March

Conversations for Learning

29th March-1st April

Holy Week Assembly

Friday 2nd & Monday 5th April

Good Friday & Easter Monday Public Holidays

Friday 9th April

Last day of Term 1

Week 3 -Caritas - lent
Dear Families and Friends,
Last Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday or more commonly known as Pancake Day. We all thoroughly enjoyed a pancake or two which had been deliciously made by Mr Steve. Shrove Tuesday proceeds Ash Wednesday which we celebrated as a whole community with a Mass. At the mass, we also acknowledged the beginning of the new school year and the blessing of our school captains for 2021 and all staff members.
Last Friday we listened to six of our year 6 students offer why we, the school community, should vote for them as our school captains for 2021. After counting the votes I am very honoured to announce the school captains for 2021 are Ashley Rusu, Ashleigh Overall and Roy Jansan. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate all the candidates and thank them for putting their hand up to be an ambassador for our school and be a positive role model and leader of students within the school. Every one of them demonstrated leadership qualities and made the decision of choosing very hard.
I would like to thank all families who were able to join us for our Parent Information Night. The teachers enjoyed meeting families of the children they will be working with during 2021. I also mentioned to families the ways they can give back to our school community through the Board and P&F. We still have a vacancy on the School Board so if you would like to contribute to the strategic direction of the school please contact me at

Tomorrow I will accompany the School Captains to the Commemorative Service for the 79th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin at the Darwin Cenotaph. Our student leaders will lay a wreath to honour the fallen on behalf of our school. Next week in the newsletter the School Captains will share their experience at the ceremony with everyone.

Grow in Wisdom and Love.


Melanie Bolwell
Shrove Tuesday - Ash Wednesday 2021
Shrove Tuesday 2 - Ash Wednesday 2021
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