St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church is situated in the heart of the rural area; Humpty Doo.

Humpty Doo on the Arnhem Highway is a settlement on the Adelaide River flood plains. It began as a rice growing area in 1954 when Territory Rice Ltd, an Australian company leased a million acres of land for rice growing. The venture failed because cheap aerial sowing was used and the thousands of magpie geese gobbled up the seed as soon as it fell on the ground. The first Mass centre was Humpty Doo Store then it moved to the “shed” which was used by both Anglicans and Catholics for their Sunday Services. Catholics celebrated Mass at 7:30am and vacated the building for the Anglican service at 9:00am. From 1977 “St Fred’s” or the Community Hall at Fred’s Pass Reserve was the venue until the Church of St Francis of Assisi was built at the district centre at Humpty Doo which was blessed and opened by Father Tom English on 11 September 1985. Humpty Doo was part of the rural area of the Darwin Parish served by priests from St Mary’s Cathedral until 1986 when it became an independent Parish when Father Gerry Remie SDB was appointed as Parish Priest. At present St Francis of Assisi Humpty Doo is a small congregation in a rural setting. The people are nice and friendly and the little Church is a little oasis of peace with Fr. Rodrigo Tomala Mujica being the current Parish Priest.


Celebrating the sacraments

Eucharist (Mass)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 7:00am

Saturday 7:30pm (Vigil)

Sunday 9:30am & 6:30pm


Contact the Parish

Phone: (08) 8988 2235 


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