Ms Jen RudyardPrincipal
Mr Michael AndersonCoordinator
Ms Michelle RalphEducator
Mrs Sharryn WilsonEducator

Our daily routine enables us to provide a stable learning environment for all children. The routine reflects the individual needs of the children as well as the group as a whole. Our routine is as follows and is displayed in the room.

Please wash hands when entering the service and sunscreen will be applied by one of our educators unless the child can apply it themselves..

2:50-3:10Staff member at door to greet children, reminding them to hang bags up.
3:10-3:30Outside or Inside free play.
3:30-4:00Five minute warning then have children wash and dry hands ready for afternoon tea.
4:00-5:15Group activities
5:15-5:45Ensure children have packed away their areas and are ready for pick up.

This is a flexible daily routine for the children. The children’s needs and interests will always come first. Meal times may be changed and play extended. We simply see where the day takes us!


Each child is entitled to forty two (42) allowable absences per financial year (including public holidays).

Please notify the service of all absences.


Written notification of holidays is required at least two (2) weeks in advance.  Regular fees are charged if notice is not given.  A 50% holding fee applies.

Change of Booking

Written notification is required at least two (2) weeks in advance.  Changes to bookings are dependent on availability of places.

End of Care

Written notification is required at least two (2) weeks or more, prior to the child’s last day.

Our School operates a Before School Care Service (BSC) from the Early Learning Centre from 7am to 8am.  The children are then dismissed from the service and taken to the undercover area to be supervised by the schools teaching staff.

The After School Care (ASC) service is offered every afternoon on school days from 2.50 to 5.45pm.  Children arrive to the service directly from their classrooms and a roll is taken. The collection of children from the service is by the parent or authorised person. Please ensure that the child is signed out of the service.

Please note that the BSC service is not legally open until 7.00am, therefore you cannot drop your child off any earlier than this.  If you are going to be late anytime, for the ASC service, please contact the service on 0429501507, the ASC closes at 5.45 pm.

Late fees of $1.00 per minute will apply if parents are picking up after 5.45 pm.

Car Parking

Car parking specifically for the Service is available in front of the Early Learning Centre.  No parking is allowed in the BUS zone. Please exercise considerable care when driving through the grounds, as there are many pedestrians and children can be very unpredictable. Please observe speed and direction signs.

Medicine Administration

Prescription medicine will only be administered to your child whilst they are at the service. No other medicine will be administered whilst your child is attending the service.

If your child requires prescription medication, the medicine register must be completed and signed by the parent.  Once the medication has been administered, the staff member doing so will sign to indicate that it has been carried through.  This procedure is to be completed on a daily basis, even if medication is to be administered for more than one day.  The medication must be in the original named container.

Sick Children

Protecting the health of all children attending the Centre is one of our primary concerns.  Parents are asked to collect children in the event they are sick.

ConditionExclusion From The Centre
Chicken PoxExclude until fully recovered or for at least five days after the spots (eruption) first appear. Please note that some remaining scabs are not a reason for continued exclusion.
ConjunctivitisExclude until discharge from the eyes has ceased.
Diarrhoea and vomiting (gastroenteritis)Exclude until bowel motions have returned to normal and at least 24 hours after the last abnormal bowel motion.
DiphtheriaExclude until a medical certificate of recovery is received following at least 2 negative throat swabs, the first not less than 24 hours after finishing a course of antibiotics and the other 48 hours later.
Head LiceExclude until the day after appropriate treatment has started.
Hepatitis AExclude until a medical certificate of recovery is received, but not before seven days after onset of illness or jaundice.
(School Sores)
Exclude until treatment has commenced. Sores on exposed surfaces should be covered with a watertight dressing.
InfluenzaExclude until child feels well. No coloured discharge from the nose.
MeaslesExclude for at least four days after the onset of the rash.
MumpsExclude for nine days or until swelling has gone (whichever is sooner).
RingwormExclude until the day after appropriate treatment has started.
(German Measles)
Exclude until fully recovered or for at least four days after the onset of the rash.
Whooping Cough (Pertussis)Exclude for 14 days after onset of illness, or after completing five days of antibiotic treatment, and a doctor certifies that the person is no longer infectious.


Staff members record any accidents on an Accident/ Incident Form.  When children are hurt during the day, parents are asked to sign an incident form at the end of the day, to ensure you are aware of any incident involving your child throughout the day.  If necessary, you will be contacted to collect your child. If you cannot be contacted, your emergency contacts will be called.  If they are unable to be contacted, we will seek medical attention for your child. Any medical expenses incurred will be the parent’s responsibility.


Strict hand washing procedures are implemented.  Children are encouraged to wash and dry their hands, before and after meals, after using the toilet and after messy activities.


The Service provides healthy meals at breakfast and afternoon tea.  Water is freely available and children are encouraged to drink regularly from the bubbler or bring their own personal water bottle.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s nutrition, the meals provided or allergies your child may have, please let us know.  A weekly menu is posted in the room.

Changes to Information

Please notify us promptly of any changes to information regarding your child.  Change of contact numbers, address, employer and persons authorised to collect your child are most important so that we are able to contact you at all times.

Parent Participation

Parental input and suggestions are always welcomed. This assists us with programming and our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

Parents are always encouraged to participate in the program by sharing special skills, eg: cooking, puppet making, music, etc and also by collecting junk for art and helping with social functions.  Your involvement helps us provide an enriched learning program for all.  It is important to share relevant information about your child with the staff.

NB: polystyrene cups, meat trays, toilet rolls cannot be used due to safety and health regulations. Please read the Parent Information board for notices and updates.

The Parent Communication book is situated next to the sign in/ out register.  Please use this book to communicate information to staff at the OSHC services.


Excursions are an integral part of children’s learning. School excursion forms will be provided to parents when these occasions arrive.


We encourage parents to let children share their special day with friends.  Please check with a staff member before organising to bring any special food in case of allergies.

Treasures from Home

Children are not permitted to bring toys from home to the Service.  Toys from home cause unnecessary conflict between children and they tend to get lost or broken.  If toys are brought in, they will be taken away on arrival and put in the “Toys from home” box, for parents to collect later.