My son James has been attending St Francis of Assisi ELC since he was eighteen months old. We were one of the lucky few that managed to get our son in before he turned two. James settled in immediately, the educators treat James as family and the whole centre has a family feel.

Prior to attending St Francis of Assisi ELC James was extremly shy, never settled when I left him in the mornings at his previous ELC and it was a struggle to say goodbye for both him and I every day.

Since attending St Francis of Assisi ELC I have seen James’ confidence soar, he runs off happily in the morning, is making fantastic connections with the educators and other children, and even asks about them after hours and on weekends.

In regards to his learning, I can see how hard the educators have been working with him as he continues to surprise me with the new things he has learned on a weekly basis.

I can’t thank the educators at St Francis of Assisi ELC enough, and only hope you change your policy to include taking younger children so that when I return to work after maternity leave (which is in July), my second son would be able to start there as opposed to sending him to another centre until he turns two. This would give me total pease of mind as I would know that the well-being and development of both my children was been looked after at highest standard.

Samantha Hennessy

My son has been attending Saint Francis of Assisi ELC since 2016.

He has grown from a shy individual, to a confident young boy. The staff at ELC are very friendly and helpful. We always enjoy looking at the photos on the iPad, to see how his day with his friends went.

Christina Chan

Our daughter has been attending St Francis of Assisi ELC since she was 2 years and 9 months. During this time we have watched her confidence blossom. I love that there is an educational programme mixed into their day-to-day activities that is suited for these important years. The Early Learning Centre has a great balance to developmental growth in a nurturing environment. We couldn’t be happier, and we look forward to watching our daughters progress there.

Christina Makrylos

I Carrie Day am writing to tell everyone how much I love St Francis of Assisi ELC.
The staff are amazing, kind understanding and caring. They are always inventive with day to day tasks and the children love it.
The equipment is fun and challenging for the kids. I love watching the kids role play, do art and listen to stories.
The Staff/School try to cater to the foods the children like to eat the most.
Every kid I have met through the ELC has loved it and enjoys coming. They strive to improve and earn rewards and praise of the staff.
I’m so glad I found the ELC. BEST SCHOOL/KINDI EVER.

Carrie Day