Learning Support

Catholic schools are committed to fostering cultures of inclusion that respond to the educational needs of students regardless of their abilities, backgrounds and aspirations. This commitment to inclusive practices is supportive of both Church teaching and legislative requirements.

Under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1992), the Disability Standards for Education (2005) seek to ensure that education is made accessible to students with disabilities. Specifically, the Standards address enrolment, participation, curriculum, student services and the elimination of harassment and victimisation.

Enrolment of students with special needs is facilitated through the Enrolment Application and Support Procedures for Students requiring Significant Educational Adjustments. This process encourages all participants in the education process (parents, students, teachers, school leadership, student services representatives) to share as partners, the responsibility for successful outcomes for all students. The process seeks to reveal and clarify the characteristics of the learner and to assess the adjustments for accessing learning and the implications of these for the school, the family and the student.

At St Francis of Assisi learning is guided by detailed assessment and the monitoring of student’s learning. When children are identified with particular needs either educationally or social/emotionally, we develop and implement intervention or assistance programs which address their particular needs.

The Inclusion Support Coordinator oversees the process of identifying those who require extra support in order to successfully access the Australian Curriculum. Requests for Service may be needed to access further support through the Catholic Education Office with the areas of Psychology, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy or Educational Academic Support.

Parent meetings are scheduled regularly to set goals with the class teachers and review them for the following term.

Inclusion Support Assistants are employed to support students with identified (and unidentified) learning needs within each classroom.